Our dyeing work is able to make in a short time any sampling on fabrics, elastic and laces in every shade.

We are equipped with a “kitchen” color that can offer the maximum precision both in dosing dyestuffs and in color repeatability, our staff has many years of experience and attends constantly up dated courses that give high knowledge of all aspects of a dyeing work.

Last generation machines are used for dyeing ribbon, in pressure, flow (for fabrics dyeing) and tumbler (fabrics, hooks etc...).

This allows us to dye internally and then to shorten the waiting time, offering the highest accuracy in color reproduction and in fastness result.

With the same machinery we are able to dye small quantities for bulk production.

We are equipped with an internal laboratory that can perform the tests required mostly in the textile apparel industry, using both international standards and standards created, tested and evaluated internally by Valcuvia.

All machineries are calibrated, set-up and certified by an external organization, as also requested  by UNI EN ISO 9001.

Since year 2000 we are certified and are annually inspected and accredited by 'ARCADIA GROUP LIMITED.

Below you can find the list of tests that we can carry out. 

For other types of tests we use consultancy of external and independent laboratories such as Centro Tessile of Busto Arsizio.

  • Lab MP H 01 cm (to determine the width of the fabric) ( on each raw material used)
  • Lab MP 02 g / m2 (to determine the weight) (on each raw material used)
  • Lab MP 03 - Inner Dimensional stability (on each raw material used)
  • Lab MP 04 - Inner spirality (on each raw material used)
  • Dimensional stability: ISO 25077
  • Colour fastness to washing: ISO 105 C 06
  • Colour fastness to water: ISO 105 E 01
  • Colour fastness to rubbing: ISO 105 X 12
  • Colour fastness to perspiration: ISO 105 E 04
  • Colour fastness to artificial light: ISO 105 B 02
  • Print resistance to washing : MP05
  • Color fastness to sea water : ISO 105 E 02
  • Color fastness to chlorinated water: ISO 105 E 03

*The rules in official form are present in our laboratories and are used as references.

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