We are present for more than 20 years on the Albanian territory with a factory of our property where all quality standards can be found that have always distinguished our company for the high quality of products and for the implementation of European regulations in terms of safety, health on work place, cleanliness and hygiene as well as full compliance with the regulations in the country and where annually a SMETA certification is carried out. 

The production at the plant is followed by local staff  trained directly by  head office  with the constant supervision of our technical people.

We also cooperate with laboratories located in countries such as Serbia, Bosnia.

These production units are visited in advance for an assessment of their efficiency and working conditions.

Both Valcuvia Italy and Valcuvia Albania ensure that all laboratories used correspond to their standards of product quality, safety and health in the workplace and respect of the regulations in force in the relative country.

Valcuvia makes, together with the staff of his Product Quality office, controls on all goods produced online during production at the laboratories and also internally before shipment to the client.


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